August 2014

Cloudy sun

seen with Chupa Chups Photo Pop

At the Cathedral

Cologne - Analog and B/W


Königswinter, Germany


seen from the famous restaurant Oniro

Naxos Habour

Dawn, Naxos, Greece


Lucerne, Switzerland


San Torini, Greece

Circus Krone

Amazing - this picture has been made with a distance of 10 cm!


Mykonos, Greece

Sexy underwear

Really? - Seen in Düren Holga-Version


Wasserschöpp, Heppenheim

Windows for Teletubbies

This grassland reminds me of the default background wallpaper of Windows XP


This pic is taken during a session with Aniza (

Castle Brolio

Rubber duck

Rubber duck in a barrel


Annakirmes, Düren

Einfach aus der Reihe tanzen

Just to march to a different drummer, Holga

Remember a special summer

August 2011, just before my son was born

Dramatic Sky

Interessting clouds over the porta of Naxos

Pano Koufonisi

Snapseed make this picture looks like a postcard from the 50's


edited by snapseed - before Google has bought Nik software and crashed this great software - seen in Königaswinter

Party on the farm

Double exposure with Holga

Cologne Cathedral

I was lucky that my hot-air balloon ride was going directly over the cathedral

Hot-air Balloon

The ride with this hot-air balloon was one of my biggest adventure...

Ferriswheel Feldmann

Historical Fair in Nideggen


This wasp was numb because it was sitting on a tabocca plant - seen in Trier


The subway station Maybachstraße in Stuttgart

Nice View this restaurant in Mykonos

Wind mill

sunset in Mykonos

Atom Heart Mother

This picture reminds me of the famous Pink Floyd cover of Atom Heart Mother

Vintage look

I have made this photo old...

Waiting for sunset

At the famous porta of Naxos every evening people are waiting for the magnificant sunset - me too!

Naxos Habour

seen through a fisheye

Pano Koufonisi

The habour of Pano Koufonisi, Greece


it is a question of time


Beuatiful old town of Naoussa (Paros, Greece)


This cat is watching you


Collage of four different shots

Really blue sea

Sometimes you know that a picture cannot express what you have seen. In case the deepness is missing. But still - the blue is incredible. There is no photoshop at all in this picture - except the frame... ;-)

The pants are full

In German where is an expression "Er hat die Hose voll" which means that someone is scared. This pic gives this expression a new meaning

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