Field Poppy in A Garden

Hi Folks, I'm back again. After a long time of absence, I decided to give my passion for photography a new chance. Most of my work is beeing uploaded to Instagram but it is still not the same as sharing it here with everyone.

When the sky is burning

Beautiful sunset in Kerpen, Northrhine-Westphalia

Sunrise in January

On the way to the kindergarten I saw the amazing sun rise on January 31st.

Rain & Sunset

from the left side a huge thunderstorm is arriving

Sunset and Rain

Beuatiful Sunset at Kerpen, Germany. n the left side you can see that it was starting to rain.

Give way

Chupa Chups Photo Pops @ Kerpen


Kolpingstadt Kerpen

Circus Krone

Amazing - this picture has been made with a distance of 10 cm!

Remember a special summer

August 2011, just before my son was born


it is a question of time

Sunset with wrong camera

I just had my iphone to take this picture of the sunset


Sometimes colours at sunset are unbelievable

Going Home

Arriving at station Kerpen-Horrem


simply some mushrooms


Santa Claus fair in Kerpen

Just before the storm

On the way to the Santa Claus fair in Kerpen - the sun was shining, but the clouds were threatening

Sign Forest

Have fun and accelerate! (Sometime I am asking myself if the guys who are setting up such traffic signs will use their brain for just one second...)


On the way to the rail station - I have the feeling that the autunm already has begun.

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