When the sky is burning

Beautiful sunset in Kerpen, Northrhine-Westphalia

Sunrise in January

On the way to the kindergarten I saw the amazing sun rise on January 31st.

Rain & Sunset

from the left side a huge thunderstorm is arriving

Sunset and Rain

Beuatiful Sunset at Kerpen, Germany. n the left side you can see that it was starting to rain.

Give way

Chupa Chups Photo Pops @ Kerpen


Kolpingstadt Kerpen

Circus Krone

Amazing - this picture has been made with a distance of 10 cm!

Remember a special summer

August 2011, just before my son was born


it is a question of time

Sunset with wrong camera

I just had my iphone to take this picture of the sunset


Sometimes colours at sunset are unbelievable

Going Home

Arriving at station Kerpen-Horrem


simply some mushrooms


Santa Claus fair in Kerpen

Just before the storm

On the way to the Santa Claus fair in Kerpen - the sun was shining, but the clouds were threatening

Sign Forest

Have fun and accelerate! (Sometime I am asking myself if the guys who are setting up such traffic signs will use their brain for just one second...)


On the way to the rail station - I have the feeling that the autunm already has begun.

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